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Prior to 1981, this program area was simply called "Scoutcraft" and was located in the wooded area behind the Trading Post between the Parade and Activity Fields (sometimes extending into the Activity Field between Staff Row and the Shower House). The staff consisted of two members (area director and a junior staff member?) and often shared resources with the High Adventure area.

Brownsea Island (BSI) was founded in 1981 by Bill McKell as a way to revitalize the Scoutcraft area. After having served as the Assistant Program Director, Bill was hired by the new Program Director, Joel Harbarger, to be the area director of Scoutcraft and challenged with revitalizing the "scoutcraft" program area. Bill negotiated to have a larger than typical area staff and started traditions such as the area staff living in a "model campsite" located within the program area. Chris Vaughan was recruited as the assistant area director.


BSI was first located in the area across the road from Mingo campsite in the pine forest. The only way to enter the "island" was to cross over a bridge. The staff lashed together fences along the road and lashed together bridges that extended over this fence and also bridges over the creek that formed the border along the back of the program area.

Others years the "island" was moved to the locations that included across the road from the original location (also in the "pines") and in the Delaware campsite (between Yuma and Hopewell campsites). In the 2001 camping season, after many years in the old Pine Forest. BSI was moved to a new location at the edge of Beaver Pond with the entrance at the Corner of Shawnee I and Shawnee II.


1981 Bill McKell, Area Director
Chris Vaughan, Assistant Area Director
1982 Bill McKell, Area Director
1983 Chris Vaughan, Area Director
1984 Chris Vaughan, Area Director
1985 Brent Richards, Area Director
1986 Todd Spencer, Area Director
1987 Brian Rudie, Area Director
1988 Brian Rudie, Area Director
1989 Jon Whitney, Area Director
1990 Jon Whitney, Area Director
1991 Matt Cleary, Area Director
Andy Newlon
OR Henry
Greg Dreitzler, Area Dreitzler (last two weeks)
1992 Dave Thomas Co Area Director
John Borchert, Co-Area Director
Brian "Radar" Dalton
Travis Meyers
Brian Nicols
Roy Niedzielski
1993 Greg Dreitzler, Area Director
Scott Tweedle
Brian "Radar" Dalton
Jay Henry
1994 Brian (Radar)Dalton, Director
Brian Nancarrow
Jon Moore
Jared Gallager
Steven Blythe
Bryan Towne
1995 Brian "Radar" Dalton, Area Director
Dave McGhee
Matt McJunkin
Nathan Murton
Rusty Lewis
1996 Brian "Radar" Dalton, Area Director
Dave McGhee
Matt McJunkin
Brian Cryder
Lee Channel
Jeremy Hollingshead
Magali Palgen (International Scout, Beligum)
1997 Brian Cryder, Area Director
Derrick Farmer
Phil Prudich
Jim Mark
Mark Hamilton
1998 Brian "Radar" Dalton, Co-Area Director
Matt McJunkin, Co-Area Director
Jim Mark
Adam Hospadar
Nathan Gillum
Phil Prudich
Kristine Davis
Sue Henry, volunteer
2000 Phil Prudich, Area Director
2001 Derrick Farmer, Area Director
2002 Mark Sarti, Area Director
2003 Sergio Tostado, Area Director
Kevin Lee "SheepDog" Selzer, Asst. Area Director
2006 Pete Harnish, Area Director
Sarah Tyree
Adam Sollenberger
Will George
Brandon Easton
Adam Johnston
2007 Pete Harnish, Area Director
Sarah Tyree
Brandon Easton
Billy Deacon
2008 Billy Deacon, Area Director
2009 Adam Schultz, Area Director
2010 Adam Schultz, Area Director
2011 Adam Schultz, Area Director
Alex Marcum, Assistant Area Director
2012 Jake Prem, Area Director
Drew Ninde, Assistant Area Director
2013 Jimmy Albracht, Area Director
Michael Osborne, Assistant Area Director


Some of the Traditions of BSI include
Monday Morning Friendship Circle
Order of the Fork
Pioneering contests
known for being highly creative

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