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What's New

July 26, 2010

We are now on week 6 of 6 and things couldn't have gone any better this summer! The staff rocked out 5 straight weeks of numbers over capacity. They worked hard and made a lot of magic so far... but still the summer is not over. Thanks to all the scouts, leaders, volunteers, and alumni who came out this summer and made everything possible for this summer to be as great as it has been. Get ready to chalk up another successful summer for the greatest camp in the nation, CLR!

Jeff Waechter

July 14, 2009

Week 2 Human Pyramid at Handicraft

2009 Program Director Jeff Lewis Doing a Funny Dance - The reprise

Scout generated video of sights and sounds of Chief Logan Week 1

June 26, 2009: Week 1
Kerry (Ranger), Martha (Camp Director), Dan (Asst. Ranger)

Kerry (Ranger), Martha (Camp Director), Dan (Asst. Ranger)

June 24, 2009: Week 1

Only Chief Logan Reservation Staff can make Bloodborne Pathogens training fun! You down with BBP, nah that ain't me! Staring Derrick the Doc, Grant the staff, and Ray the camper.

June 23, 2009: Week 1

Chief Logan Reservation 2009 Summer Camp receives 100% on camp inspection!
2009 Nationally Accredited Camp

2009 Nationally Accredited Camp Site Related news

6/22/2009 Looking to grow the site content. At this time, everyone is welcome to create an account on the site to add/edit content.

6/12/2009 Moved the new Chief Logan wiki as the landing page for Currently forwards to a server I host (Windows 2003), because the current provider performance of a .NET application is sluggish. This is planned to be a temporary solution. The application and user generated content is very easy to move.

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