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Songbook: 1996: Pennies

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1996 Camp Song
Introduced and Written by Jim Diekroger

A truly inspired song from the Chinese philosopher Ching Wee, this song tells the sad tale of a young man’s troubles with women.

Prologue: Please learn from this, my fateful crash, To your love give only cash, not... Chorus:

Pennies they STINK! Yes, they aren’t even worth the stuff they’re made of. If yer girl gives pennies to you, CHING! (Jump up and down pulling elbows toward yourself) She didn’t really love you, boo-hoo. WEE! (Throw arms into the air) Pennies they STINK!

In God I trust that she’ll return, For last year’s change does my heart burn. To late movies would she take me, My life sang sweet in harmony. My dear was anything but cheap, The evenings change she’s let me keep. But then one night when change was tennies, She kept the dimes and gave me pennies. THEY STINK!

My breath I lost in cold disgrace, As gazed I into Lincoln’s face. A girl no more I dared not stop her, Only devils give men copper. Like Abraham’s, my life did teeter. And end thus there then in the theater. One couple hence did split in two, E pluribus unum did NOT hold true! STINKIN’ PENNIES!

Repeat chourus twice.

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