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Songbook: 1992: Nairobi

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1992 Camp Song

Divide the audience into four sections. After each verse, each section should sing "Sing Along!" when they are pointed to.

We're (point thumbs at self) from Nairobi (point thumbs over shoulders)

We're on the best team (shake hands over head) We do the watusi (shake hips) We're seven feet tall (stretch hands over head) The cannibals may eat us (scoop food into mouth from upturned hand) But they'll never beat (strike palm with fist) us. 'Cause we're (point thumbs at self) from Nairobi (point thumbs over shoulders), And we're on the ball (make ball shape with hands)

We took out sixteen men from Kilimijaro (pulling motion) 'Cause they did not have what it takes (shake head) Clap! Clap! We took all those losers out into the jungle And left them tied up (cross arms) for the snakes (wiggle arms like snakes)

Ungawa! Ungawa! Ungawa! Ungawa! etc. Jump around and throw arms into air during this.

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