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Songbook: 1989: The Green Grass Grows

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1989 Camp Song

And on that tree, there was a branch. (hold out arm) A branch on the tree, and the tree on the ground, And the green grass grows all around and around, And the green grass grows all around. (spin around)

And on that branch, there was a nest. (cup hands)

A nest on the branch, and the branch on the tree . . .

And in that nest, there was an egg (use both hands to make an egg shape) And on that egg, there was a bird (pronounced "boid") (tuck thumbs into arm pits and flap) And on that bird, there was a wing (pronounced "wang") (just one arm this time) And on that wing, there was a feather (grab wrist and wiggle fingers) And on that feather, there was a bug (look like a bug) And on that bug, there was an eye (put both hands around eye)

And on that eye, there was a blinker (wiggle fingers over eye) And on that blinker, there was an amoeba (lift one leg and twist body).

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