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Songbook: 1988: It's a Lie

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1988 Camp Song

Chorus It's a lie, it's a lie Ship a-hoy, ship a-hay, ship a-high-aye-aye Oh I sailed the seven seas and I sniffed the salty breeze, But I never, ever, ever saw a mermaid (mermaid)

I was born a hundred-thousand years ago (years ago) And there isn't anything I do not know (do not know) I saw Peter, Paul, and Moses playin' ring around the roses And I'll whip the guy that says it isn't so.

I saw Satan when he looked the Garden o'er I saw Adam and Eve driven from the door I was round the corner peekin' At the apple they was eatin' And I'll prove that I'm the guy that ate the core.

I saw Caesar when he crossed the Rubicon I'm the stud that lashed the raft he crossed it on I saw Hannibal at home, and Nero burning Rome, Why I even saw the fall of Babylon.

I saw Washington float a cake of ice, I saw Sherman, Lee, and Grant a shakin' dice I saw Roosevelt's great laugh that split his face in half While Pershing set a trap for German mice.

You may think that all this bunk it isn't true But what difference does it really make to you? We've been handin' you this line just to pass away the time But now I think we'll quit because we're through.

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