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Songbook: 1985: Little Herman

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1985 Camp Song

In a pad on a forest green (trace house in air) (da da, da duh) Little Herman was surveyin' the scene (salute and trace the horizon) (da da, da duh) Saw a Hare Man boppin' by (mimic rabbit boppin' by with hands)

Rappin' at my door. (knocking motion with one hand) Da da, da duh

"Like help, like help!" was his plea (throw both arms into air) (da da, da duh) "Agriculture Man exterminate me!" (mimic pistols with both hands) (da da, da duh) Come in Hare Man, come inside (inviting gesture). Safely we will always hide (cross arms over chest and sway arms side to side). Da da, da duh.

Second time through, make "ch, ch, ch" sounds instead of singing lyrics.

Continue with motions and "da da, da duh."

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