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Shooting Sports

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1. Merit Badges

1.1 Archery

Archery Merit Badge

Archery Merit Badge

Scouts have the opportunity to learn the skills of archery, how to make a bow string and arrow, as well as safety guideline for using the archery range. Archery Merit Badge is taught in the mornings.

1.2 Rifle Shooting

Rifle Shooting Merit Badge

Rifle Shooting Merit Badge

Scouts will learn how to clean, shoot, and handle a 22 Cal. Rifle safely. We offer this merit badge in the afternoons.

1.3 Shotgun Shooting

Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge

Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge

Scouts will be using a 12 gauge shotgun to try to hit 24 out of 50 clay pigeons. They will also spend time cleaning, and learning the different parts of the gun. This is taught in the afternoon.

2. Area Activities

Camp provides rifles, shotguns, bows, arrows and ammunition at the shooting ranges. No one is permitted to bring their own firearms or ammunition.

CLR Shooting Sports Instructors are Certified In:

  • National Camp Archery Association
  • National Rifle Association
  • National Camp School - BSA

2.1 Merit Badge Activities

Archery Merit Badge is a morning activity with open shooting in the afternoons. Shotgun Shooting and Rifle Shooting Merit Badge is in the afternoon while offering open rifle shooting in the mornings. For most Scouts, these requirements involve all week to complete. Although these activities are attractive to first year campers, in general, they are difficult for those lacking prior experience. Scoutmasters should encourage their younger Scouts to go to open shoots, but to put off these merit badges until future years.

2.2 Open Shooting

During open shoots the Scouts and leaders are offered the opportunity to sharpen their skills with a bow, rifle or shotgun. Following instructions in basic range safety, all campers are allowed to use the ranges. Who knows, you could set the record of the week or even the camp record! There is no charge for rifle ammunition. Tickets for shotgun shooting can be purchased in the trading post at 25c per shot.

2.3 Action Archery

If you are a good archer, take on the challenge of hitting targets in a wild setting. Bring a buddy and have a competition. This is a frontiersman requirement.

2.4 Special Competitions

Join in on the several different competitions throughout the week. There are programs for Scouts and adults alike so everyone can join in the fun. Test your shooting skills against others in camp whether it be the archery watermelon shoot, rifle hot shot of the week or leader competition shoot.

2.5 Black Powder

What was it like to fire a rifle before the Civil War? After safety instruction and firing demonstration Scouts will be given the opportunity to fire a black powder rifle. Leaders are also welcome.

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