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"We don't own the Earth, we only borrow it from our children"

Merit Badges

  • Note: *These badges require advanced preparation. Always remember to consult the merit badge pamphlet when making your summer camp advancement plans.



Scouts will reach for the stars while earning Astronomy. This merit badge teaches our solar system, galaxy, and universe. Scouts will also learn constellations and the legends behind them and then point them out in the night sky on the Astronomy Hike.

Bird Study


Scouts will learn about different types birds and will be able to identify them by song alone. You will be able to hear the diverse wildlife on the bird hike, which is open to everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds humming about, the Great Blue Heron hiding in the morning mist, and the Chimney Swifts swooping around!

Environmental Science

Environmental Science Merit Badge

Our only Eagle Required Merit Badge! This badge teaches Scouts how we can become responsible care-takers of Earth, making sure it's there for generations to come. This merit badge has a week-long requirement, which is an experiment about biodegradability of packing materials. The other requirements are lengthy, but can be completed with hard work.

Fish and Wildlife Management

Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge

Scouts will learn about fish and wildlife conservation and management by implementing a habitat improvement project, observing many kinds of wildlife, and discussing ways that we can protect Ohio's wildlife.



This a great merit badge for Scouts interested in forests. Scouts will identify trees, learn the importance of forests, and talk with Ranger Kerry about how forests are managed.



Scouts will identify rock and mineral samples and learn their properties. Also, this merit badge will teach Scouts about tectonic movement in Earth, how the Grand Canyon was formed, and other rocking things in this field.

Insect Study*


Scouts will learn what makes insects different from other species in the animal kingdom and discover how we share some similarities with these seemingly simple organisms. PREREQUISITE: Scouts must complete requirement #7 before camp to fully earn this merit badge.

Mammal Study

Mammal Study Merit Badge

This is a really fun merit badge, great for your first year camper. Scouts learn about native mammals and why they are so different from other species of animals.

Plant Science


Reptile and Amphibian Study*


Are snakes really slimy, do toads give you warts, can Komodo Dragons fly? Scouts will learn about these interesting, slithering and crawling creatures. Hold one of our snakes and feel and watch how they move. PREREQUISITE: Scouts must complete requirement #8 (take care of a reptile/amphibian for a month) before camp to fully earn this merit badge.

Soil and Water Conservation



Weather Merit Badge

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning. Scouts will learn if this old adage is true by learning and observing different clouds and weather conditions. This merit badge allows Scouts to be prepared for inclement weather on campouts and at home.

Other Activities

Nature also offers a slew of other fun and exciting things. The nature center has facilities to keep most live non-mammals, has an observation dock, and an excellent nature trail. All Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements for plants and nature can also be earned, too. There are also more Eagle required merit badges offered at Nature than Handicraft, earning it the title of "The ‘Real Man’s’ Handicraft. "

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