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Brownsea Island (BSI)

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Brownsea Island (BSI) is the Scoutcraft center at Chief Logan Reservation (CLR). It is a great place to get basic Scouting and outdoor skills down pat which makes it an excellent area for first year campers. Earn the privilege of using a knife or other woods tools and know how to use them properly. You can also learn how to build fires. All adult leaders know that new Scouts are latent pyromaniacs, so make sure that they know the proper and safe way to set a camp or cooking fire! Learn how to prevent the Troop from getting lost on a hike. Learn the six basic knots. If that isn’t enough, learn 15, 20, 50 or "o’er a hunnert." Whatever Scoutcraft skill you are interested in, BSI can meet your needs.

1. Merit Badges

1.1 Camping

Camping Merit Badge

Camping Merit Badge

This is a Eagle Required Merit Badge. This is a good merit badge for the first or second year camper. The merit badge will take most of the week to complete. Camping merit badge teaches the camper basic first aid knowledge and how to properly plan for a camping trip.
The Prerequisite requirements for this merit badge as of 2009 are 4b, 5e, 7a&b,8c&d,9a&b and will require a Scoutmaster signature. Note: 7a&b can be done at camp however you will need to bring a Backpacking backpack and gear for an overnight campout.

1.2 Cooking

Cooking Merit Badge

Cooking Merit Badge

This is a very fun merit badge, that will teach you the basics of cooking while in the outdoors. BSI teaches both stove and over the fire cooking with grates and dutch ovens The Prerequisite requirements for this merit badge as of 2009 are 4a,b&c 6a,b&c 7d and will require a Scoutmaster signature. Note: these are all Meals for Cooking Merit Badge must be prepared before camp in the manner prescribed in requirements. Each Scout must cook the required meals.

1.3 Pioneering

Pioneering Merit Badge

Pioneering Merit Badge

This is a great merit badge if you are really into lashing ropes and tying knots. A great merit badge for any camper. This will help you out with getting your 6 knot club pin. While working with Pioneering, scouts will have the opportunity to build swing sets, towers, and catapults.

1.4 Fishing

Sproat Lake is excellent for fishing. Large mouth bass, crappie, and large bluegills fill the lake. A couple of years ago, a former Quartermaster caught a 6 ½ pound bass. The fish was tagged and released but was caught again the next year. Remember, if you kill it, you eat it! (And don’t forget to invite the higher ups to the fish fry!)

2. Certifications

Certification is available in:
  • Totin’ Chip
  • Firem’n Chit
  • The Paul Bunyan Axeman Award

3. Special Programs

Selected Special Programs: (from past years, many instant recognition awards change each year)

  • Knot Clubs - From the basic 6 up to "o’er a hunnert" (camp record is 247, come break it!)
  • Patrol Gateway Competition - Come compete for the best gateway in camp!
  • "Order of the Fork" allows a Scout to meet all the cooking requirements for advancement to First Class.
  • The 5 mile hike will satisfy advancement hiking requirements.
  • The "Splicemeister" award is granted to those that have mastered the wily cousins of knots, splices.

4. Demonstrations

BSI is the place to see many special demonstrations over the course of the week. How can you start a fire with a bowdrill? What is a Dakota Hole and how can you use it to cook? What sort of fantastic pioneering project will the Brownsea Island staff take on this year? This crazy staff is one of the most experienced, creative and skilled of any Scoutcraft area around. Come, see, and learn and find out why no one who has come to CLR ever forgets BSI.

5. Campfires

Come to the BSI campfire for great food (from fresh grouse to piping hot cobbler) and the wildest sing along you’ll ever attend! Location varies, so keep an ear out for the time and place.

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