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Chief Logan Reservation

Chief Logan Reservation is nestled among the rolling hills of southeastern Ohio, about twenty miles southeast of Chillicothe and five miles north of Route 35. Our valley is located at the end of a long winding road cut through a beautiful hardwood forest. This picturesque natural bowl is framed by ridges where Simon Kenton and other frontiersmen walked and boasts over two hundred and fifty acres of natural wonders. On your left as you enter the camp is Sproat Lake, a beautiful, spring-fed twelve acre lake that is perfect for boating and swimming. There is also a beaver pond that supports a variety of roaming wildlife and a gorgeous wetland plant life, including willows, waterlillies, and bald cypress trees. The adjoining land, owned by Mead Paper Company, provides many additional square miles of wilderness.

Amid this natural beauty is a unique Boy Scouts of America summer camp program tailored to troops interested in mastering scouting skills in a flexible and friendly environment. The staff is always highly trained and experienced and returns year after year to see their old friends and make new ones. All campsites and facilities are located in the valley, leaving the ridges for outpost camping and high adventure activities. All meals are served in Mead Lodge, although upon request patrol cooking is available.

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At this time, this site has a two-fold purpose... 1) as a historical account and secondly as a tool to communicate current information about the camp and the summer camp program.

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