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Outdoor Adventure

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The Outdoor Adventure Program at Chief Logan Reservation has grown to become a great area for all scouts and leaders. We currently offer four merit badges, have a great COPE program and run a tower for the older boys. There are also special programs offered each week for the boys to participate in such as the Wilderness Survival Outpost, and Outpost Campfire. It's a good time for everyone.

If you plan on doing any High Adventure Merit Badges during your week at Chief Logan, please read over the following information so you can prepare yourself to complete the merit badge once you get to camp. Also listen carefully during the camp wide tour on Sunday night for any special events that may be offered for troops such as Kickball tournaments and Slip 'n' Slides.

1. Merit Badges

1.1 Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival Merit Badge

Wilderness Survival Merit Badge

Our most sought after merit badge, Wilderness Survival is a great opportunity for boys to learn the basics in outdoor survival in all conditions. We are able to cover all the requirements for the merit badge at camp, but attendance on the Monday Night out post is required. Please try to review the book before arriving at camp, and it is a lot easier to complete if you preassemble your survival kit for requirement five.

  • Note: This merit badge is needed for Trapper.

1.2 Orienteering

Orienteering Merit Badge

Orienteering Merit Badge

Orienteering is offered to all scouts and is a great opportunity for scouts to challenge themselves at their map and compass skills. This merit badge can be completed in a few days at camp, but does require a little bit of time. If you've participated in other orienteering courses, please bring a note from a Scoutmaster along with you to receive credit. Also try to get a map of the course you took, and be prepared to talk with the counselor on how you did.

Currently plans are being made to put in a place a permanent orienteering course at camp. Look for the new markers once you get to camp.

1.3 Hiking

Hiking Merit Badge

Hiking Merit Badge

Hiking Merit Badge is offered at camp, but cannot be completed there. We cover requirements 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 (if the hikes are completed) and are able to sign the merit badge off if there is a leader willing to verify you did in fact participate in all the hikes required for the merit badge.

1.4 Backpacking

Backpacking Merit Badge, like hiking, can only be completed partially at camp. We do not offer the opportunity to complete requirements 9, 10, or 11. We will however sign them off with verification from a leader that you have completed them. If you'd like to get a partial for the merit badge, then please read over the book before coming to camp to help familiarize your self with the information.

2. Climbing

2.1 The Bouldering Wall

The Bouldering Wall is provided within the main area of High Adventure and is open to everyone. The Bouldering Wall is a small wall that is 8' high and 16' long. The wall has two sides, one of which contains micro holds for scout to try for the Spider Monkey award. It is great for practicing climbing.

3. Special Programs

3.1 COPE

COPE or Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience is offered to all Troops and Patrols willing to take part in the event. The COPE course at camp contains 6 events available to those participating. Groups with between 6 and 10 members are the ideal sixe for the program. If interested, please sign up with an HA staff member towards the first of the week.

3.2 Outpost

The Wilderness Survival Outpost is offered on Monday nights, and is open to anyone wanting to go. If you are taking the merit badge, then participation is needed, but anyone wanting to build a shelter is willing to participate. Those taking part in the outpost are asked to be ready to leave a half hour after flag lowering on Monday nights. Please bring the appropriate items including warm clothes, bed roll, and water. The outpost will not be postponed for rain, only lightning and thunder. As a suggestion, bring and extra set of clothes and a bed roll if you know you'll be attending the outpost.

Also held the night of the Outpost is the Outpost Campfire which is open to anyone in camp. The campfire is hosted by the High Adventure Staff and consists of sing alonga and skits. Be prepared for a good laugh. Campfire last from 9 to 10.

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