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Chief Logan Reservation has additional opportunities for scouts and leaders that are not confined to on of our six main program areas. On any given day, there will be a variety of additional opportunities available to scout and leaders taking place all over camp. This page is just a look at some of those opportunities.

1. The Chief Logan Reservation Frontiersmen Program

The Chief Logan Reservation Frontiersmen Program is our camp adventure program geared towards older scouts and adult leaders. Requirements to join the program are 1st Class rank and age 12 or older. There are three levels to the frontiersmen program: Pioneer, Trapper, and Mountain Man. Each level requires a list of survival requirements, group projects, and an overnight Rendezvous at the end of the week! Some requirements include: matchless fires, knots, lashings, wild edibles, and a group pioneering project! The Thursday night frontiersmen rendezvous in the mountains behind camp at the end of each week at CLR is an experience that will never be forgotten. If you are an older scout or adult looking for some adventure, check out the Frontiersmen Program! Contact the Brigade Commander at the beginning of the week.

Check out the program's own website Friends Of The Frontier.

2. Merit Badges

2.1 Automechanics Merit Badge

Automechanics Merit Badge

Automechanics Merit Badge

This will a great opportunity for scouts to learn automobile maintenance and techniques.

2.2 First Aid Training

First Aid Merit Badge

First Aid Merit Badge

First Aid is one of the most important skills that a Scout learns. CLR’s First Aider will counsel scouts on their first aid requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class, as well as for the First Aid Merit Badge. Please contact the First Aider in the McKell Health Lodge early in the week for more information. In general, he will counsel the rank requirements in the morning and the merit badge in the afternoon as his duties allow.

3. Training Programs

3.1 Counselor-In-Training

One of the wonderful things about Chief Logan Reservation is that the vast majority of the staff are former campers. It is common for many Scouts, after experiencing the friendship and dedication of our summer camp staff, to want to return for additional weeks in camp and eventually become staff members themselves. The quality of the camp staff is maintained by a well constructed counselor-in-training program. In 1996, over ninety percent of the staff had gone through at least one year of this two-year program.

At Chief Logan, CIT’s are not junior staff members. They are in a fun, rewarding and challenging training program, not a free labor pool. There is a trainer whose full-time job it is to work with the CIT’s.

Scouts, 14 years old as of June 1st, 2005, are eligible for "CIT A." This one-week program is a combination of a junior leader training program and a behind-the-scenes tour of camp. In various sessions, the Scouts will learn such skills from how to throw together a hilarious skit in ten minutes to how to effectively help a scout to learn a skill over the course of a week. The CIT’s also learn about the Aims and Methods of Scouting and how we use such ideas as the patrol method to run summer camp. Going through the COPE course or developing a crazy and original name, flag, handshake and song with the other members of the CIT A patrol, the Scouts will learn more about camp and about Scouting.

Scouts, 15 years old as of June 1st, 2005 and who have taken CIT A, are eligible for CIT B. This two-week program builds on the training gained in CIT A and gives the Scouts a chance to spend time in each of the areas, learning more of what it would be like to work on staff. They are expected to "Live the Example" not only for the Scouts and Leaders of the Troops in camp but also for the CIT A’s. This time is an excellent opportunity for these Scouts to get an idea of where they would like to work the next year. Since it is just a training program, it is also the last time for many of these boys to experience camp without the responsibilities of a staff member.

3.2 Senior Patrol Leader-In-Training

Since the Scouting movement relies so heavily on youth leadership, the Senior Patrol Leader of each troop is very busy during his troop’s week in camp. This program was designed to give an opportunity for SPL’s to work on their own personal advancement and become oriented to camp. Since we value youth leadership so much at Chief Logan, the cost for this extra week of camping is much less than for a regular provisional scout. "SPLIT" is open to the Senior Patrol Leader of any troop. As this week is a good chance for the SPL to get an idea of what camp is like that year, he should come before his troop’s week in camp to take full advantage of the program.

3.3 Adult Leader Training

We offer a variety of training opportunities for adult leaders in camp as well. These include, but are not limited to, Youth Protection, Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense, CPR Training, and Climb-On Safely. If interested in any of these programs, please contact a commissioner early in the week. NEW IN 2005 will be some opportunities for Hunter's Safety Training.

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